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Jacob Raw | Out of the Blue

“Out of the Blue,” you can find Jacob at the University of Alberta where he coaches the Cheer Team! Go Pandas and Golden Bears! Jacob has been a cheerleader himself for 10 years and has coached for 6 years. His talents have taken him to the international stage where he has competed in the World […]

Tyler Boruck | Out of the Blue

“Out of the Blue” you can find Tyler enjoying his family time! He has a wonderful wife and daughter. He immensely enjoys taking the lead from his daughter Charlotte for any fun activities and new adventures. This has led to arts, and crafts, plenty of time enjoying the outdoors and time to refocus and enjoy […]

Austin Sarafinchen | Out of the Blue

“Out of the Blue” you can find Austin pursuing creative endeavors! Austin has played the piano for the last 15 years and enjoys any chance he can get to play music, this includes at the local lodges when he is able to on shift. The residents are quite lucky to be able to listen! Not […]

Sandi & Joel Ensz | Out of the Blue

“Out of the Blue” you can find Sandi and Joel taking care of their ranch with five horses, three dogs and a cat. Did you know their cat is trained to sit, stand on two legs, and use sign language to ask for food?!?! The ranch allows them the ability to ride horses in the […]

Michele Sorochan | Out of the Blue

Michele has a passion for creating art and homemade items. She creates stunning comic book colour work and illustrations, embroidery, soapstone carving, and recently Motanka (traditional Ukrainian folk art dolls). Not only do these activities keep Michele from “feeling blue”, but they have also allowed her to work on illustrating a children’s book later this […]

Shawn Moffitt | Out of the Blue

“Out of the Blue” Shawn is just a guy with a passion for collecting, buying, selling and trading. His collection includes comic books, figures and other vintage items he can find. His website features antiques, books, comics, games and collectable figures just to name a few. He is an avid Star Wars and Marvel Comics […]

Jewel Reierson | Out of the Blue

“Out of the Blue” Jewel is a published author. She started the book last October and it was published in July of this year. It is a book based on a promise she made to her mother to do something with her homesteading journal. The book, North Country Homesteader, is about her family living off-grid […]

Austin Jackson | Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue” Austin has a passion for Rodeo. He competes in Rodeos including the Edmonton First Responders Rodeo where his event of choice is Saddle Bronc, but at this specific event he also competes in Chute Dogging. Not only do Rodeos keep Austin from “feeling blue”, the First Responders Rodeo specifically supports other […]