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Jewel Reierson | Out of the Blue

“Out of the Blue” Jewel is a published author. She started the book last October and it was published in July of this year. It is a book based on a promise she made to her mother to do something with her homesteading journal. The book, North Country Homesteader, is about her family living off-grid in Northern B.C. and includes ups and down of backcountry living as well as some family recipes! You can find it at Friesen Press,, and various eBook platforms.


Jewel also loves to spend her time “out of the blue” in the back country and with her horses. In-fact, the photo on the back cover of the book is Jewel herself and was taken by her peer, Marlana V. Great photo!

We look forward to the sequel which Jewel is working on right now!

Our “Out of the Blue” series, a clever nod to the distinctive blue uniforms worn by our paramedics, is designed to showcase the remarkable projects, volunteer work, and various other endeavors our team members pursue outside their roles with Associated Ambulance that keeps them from feeling blue.