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Sandi & Joel Ensz | Out of the Blue

“Out of the Blue” you can find Sandi and Joel taking care of their ranch with five horses, three dogs and a cat. Did you know their cat is trained to sit, stand on two legs, and use sign language to ask for food?!?! The ranch allows them the ability to ride horses in the mountains, rope cattle, and practice the sport of Reining. They also sit on the board of directors for the Agricultural Society in Hinton!

Joel has also started the Mountain Search and Rescue division in 2023 with Alberta Conservation which utilizes horses during lost persons events. What a great initiative!

You can find Sandi training dogs and competing in Agility and Flyball dog sport. She also participated in the First Responder Rodeo in 2019 in the Barrel Racing event. She is a hard person to keep up with!

Our “Out of the Blue” series, a clever nod to the distinctive blue uniforms worn by our paramedics, is designed to showcase the remarkable projects, volunteer work, and various other endeavors our team members pursue outside their roles with Associated Ambulance.