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Advanced Care Paramedic

Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs) have a broad scope of medical practice, allowing them to administer medications, intubate, and perform lifesaving measures like cardiac pacing. Most ACPs complete a 2-year program following their work as a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP). ACPs are not limited to working on an ambulance and can also work in fire departments, on flights, or in hospitals. 

As an ACP working for Associated Ambulance, you have an incredible impact on the community at large and the lives of your patients. 

Work life balance is more important than you realize.

And your family notices. Take the time to decompress BEFORE you go home when possible. And take the support of loved ones when offered.

Nicole Schenk


ACP Education

ACPs must complete a recognized education program at the advanced care level, which typically requires prior certification as a PCP. The ACP training builds on competencies learned at the PCP level, including advanced techniques to manage airway, breathing, and circulation as well as more invasive treatments and advanced medication administration. 

Approved Advanced care Programs

The Alberta College of Paramedics approves various ACP programs in Alberta, including: 


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