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At Associated Ambulance, being a first responder is more than just a job – it’s a lifestyle. The impact our paramedics have on the communities they serve is monumental.

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Associated Ambulance and its affiliates work in close collaboration with its employees, their clients/patients and other key stakeholders to provide evidence based, innovative and value based paramedical services.  We successfully accomplish our mission by leveraging our family values, our supportive work environment and our dedication to on-going growth. We also believe that our employees deserve the best and ensure they have the required resources to accomplish their work.

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Our employees have demonstrated abilities to connect and build trusting relationships, are successful communicators, are agile and have the ability to readily adapt to rapidly changing work environments. They also have an affinity for innovative problem solving, making difficult decisions, being resilient and achieving results which align with organizational goals.

35,000+ calls per year

Together, our paramedics respond to thousands of calls per year and are well known in the communities they serve.

multiple shift patterns

We offer 24hr Core-Flex model, 12-hr and IFT/NET Shifts to versatile career options.

als vs. bls

Associated Ambulance runs two different service levels. Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances are staffed by an ACP and PCP. Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are staffed by two PCPs or one PCP and one EMR.

what is core flex?

Rural Alberta runs the majority of communities under the core-flex model. This means your shift is for a full 24hr block of time. You are paid for a combination of regular wage and on-call wage, and qualify for overtime if you are busy. 

A full time rotation is 4 days on then 4 days off. When on shift, you live in the station if you do not already live in the community.

Our ambulance stations have all of the amenities of home to make your time on shift as comfortable as possible.

Rural EMS provides for a strong sense of community where you can maximize your work-life balance by living and working from home . If working the core-flex model and you live in community, you may choose to respond from home providing there are not delays in assembling to provide patient care with your partner.

12hr Shift Model

Some communities support a 12hr shift model. These models are based on 12hr day shifts and 12hr night shifts.

IFT/NET Shifts

Associated Ambulance is contracted to complete Interfacility Transfers (IFT) in Edmonton and Red Deer. To fill the demands of this position, we offer day, night, and weekend shifts with various hours on shift. 

Looking to start your career as a paramedic?

Our team shared their advice to future paramedics and their younger selves.

Work-life balance is more important than you realize. And your family notices. Take the time to decompress BEFORE you go home when possible. And take the support of loved ones when offered.

Nicole Schenk


Find something consistent about the job that makes you passionate. Be cautious if the only reason you enter healthcare is to help people. People are unpredictable; some can be very grateful and make you feel good about your job while others will make you feel miserable and question your choices. 

Meaghan Wettlaufer


Keep growing, the knowledge taught in school is only the start. Think about your future and set yourself up for the years that you may not be able to be on car full-time. Don't feel like you are stuck for one reason or another. You control your destiny not others. 

Justin Graham


When people travel to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small. Few people think that they can radically change the future by doing something small in the present.

Albert Schalm

Maintenance Services

Don’t be arrogant, medicine is a PRACTICE. You’ve never seen everything. When you’re done school you are entry level. Feel accomplished but respect how much you have yet to learn and experience. If you don’t know what to do, drive them to the hospital. It’s ok when things don’t go like the text book. Text book is best case scenario, life seldom cooperates. Learn how to diplomatically be assertive. Trust your spider sense, look after yourself and your partner. 

Michelle Sorochan


Be at peace with not knowing it all, you are not expected to.  You are expected to be open and willing to learn. Find joy in the excitement of learning something new on every shift. Accept you will never know it all, and neither will the people you work with.  When you both don't know something, you get to learn it together. Embrace learning new ways of doing old things and listen to a new hires ideas and encourage them to share.

Terry Hintz,


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