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Emergency Medical Responders

Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) provide emergency care, often in rural and industrial areas. Their training includes spinal motion restriction, CPR, and assisting with the administration of several medications. Their role may entail initial assessments, providing safe care, and transporting patients to the best suited health care facility.

 As an EMR working for Associated Ambulance, you have an incredible impact on the community at large and the lives of your patients. 

Find something consistent about the job that makes you passionate.

Be cautious if the only reason you enter healthcare is to help people. People are unpredictable; some can be very grateful and make you feel good about your job while others will make you feel miserable and question your choices.

Meaghan Wettlaufer

EMR Education

EMRs typically train for six to twelve weeks in emergency patient care and transportation. 

Approved primary care programs

The Alberta College of Paramedics approves various EMR programs in Alberta, including: 

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