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primary care paramedic

Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs) have six to twelve months of training and are able to complete all life saving measures of an EMR with additional skills in IV administration and ECGs. Most PCPs work on ambulances, in fire departments or industrial areas. 

As an PCP working for Associated Ambulance, you have an incredible impact on the community at large and the lives of your patients. 

Be open & willing to learn

Find joy in the excitement of learning something new on every shift. Accept you will never know it all, and neither will the people you work with.  When you both don’t know something, you get to learn it together. Embrace learning new ways of doing old things and listen to a new hires ideas and encourage them to share.

Adam Weibe

pcp Education

PCPs form the largest group of paramedics in Canada! They must complete a recognized education program at the primary care level, which typically requires prior certification as an EMR. 

Approved primary care programs

The Alberta College of Paramedics approves various PCP programs in Alberta, including: 

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